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Study participants sought: Men whose wives have had a current or past breast cancer diagnosis. Contact for more details, and please signal-boost. Thanks!
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9 years ago today, [ profile] brian1789 and I noticed each other across a party snack table and our eyes locked and held in a flash of fiery blue. Today there is still the same sparkle and thrill whenever our eyes meet. Happy sparkaversary, my love!
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[Edit: Situation handled, see comments below] So there is this injured baby squirrel along my walk home from work. Slow moving and slightly bleeding, occasionally tries to walk or climb but doesn't go far; feisty enough to jump and hiss (but not run away) when I approached with a not quite big enough box. Wildlife rehab center closed for the night. What do I do to give it it's best chance to survive overnight and not inadvertently take it someplace they will just put it down anyway? Near a big tree so mother squirrel might be near, but guides say if bleeding to get it care rather than attempt to put it back by tree. Anyone here have more experience with this or know someone who does? Anyone local want to take it (we have cats, which I can keep away from it overnight, but still...)
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Signal boost for a colleague's student's study:

You are invited to participate in an IRB-approved online survey (IRB # 534504-2) examining the influence of bullying experiences on adult attachment styles. The purpose of this study is to examine how instances early in life affect adult mental health issues and your level of attachment to others. We are specifically interested in people who have experienced bullying of any form - bully, victim, or bystander. You must be between the ages of 18-40 in order to participate.Your participation is entirely voluntary. This study may evoke feelings of sadness or distress and might raise memories of that period of time. You can opt out of the survey at any time. The survey should take approximately 20 -30 minutes to complete. At the end of the survey you will be able to enter in to a raffle for a $20 Amazon giftcard.

To access the survey please go to:

If you have any questions, please contact the Principal Investigator, Shlomit Smargon at , Thank you for your interest and participation!

Shlomit Smargon, M.S.
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To my love [ profile] brian1789... Here's to many more years of fun adventures together!

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Signal boost - reply to the email address below, not here:

I am writing because I am conducting research for my dissertation under the umbrella of a larger grant study funded by the American Psychological Association about women with disabilities and their experiences with microaggressions. We will be conducting four focus groups. Three of them are for women with visible physical disabilities and visual disabilities, with one being a Spanish-speaking group. The remaining focus group will be facilitated by me and will be the primary focus of my dissertation. That group will be for lesbian- or queer-identified women with invisible systemic disabilities, such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, etc. I am writing you today to think hard about your friends, family, and acquaintances, do any of them qualify for any of these focus groups? Is there anywhere you could pass or hang a flyer? Any and all help or suggestions are appreciated and welcomed. Thank you for taking the time to think about this and help me recruit for this very important research.
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New Year's Eve in a poly family... Doing tag-team edits on the 17yo's college application essays.

Interspersed with a bit of contra dancing.

Happy 2014, all!
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Study participants sought: If you are polyamorous and have some of your genetic data stored at 23&me, the DIYGenomics folks are doing a poly genomics study. Contact for more details.
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Prudence grooming Patience with tender adoration:


Patience is full of snuggly frisk and mirth:


Penelope is sweet and cuddly with a loving purr:


They are located in San Francisco... contact Bitten by a Kitten Rescue at or for more details on these and other wonderful kittens!
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Three little kittens in the SF Bay Area need homes

Fostered by [ profile] tenacious_snail and photographed by many people including [ profile] brian1789 and yours truly :)


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HAPPY 30TH ANNIVERSARY, [ profile] patgreene and [ profile] brian1789!

Hope your special day is wonderful.

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Deeply inspired by the movie 42, about the African-American baseball player who broke the `60-year ban on racial minorities in the Major Leagues, Jackie Robinson :)
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I'm currently looking for a new office space, and it's looking likely that I'll choose an office in the 650 area code region. My cel phone number is currently in the 408 area code, which is the adjacent region.

If you were a prospective new client phoning a potential therapist for the first time, how much would it raise an eyebrow if the therapist's cel phone area code wasn't congruent with their area code region? I'm trying to balance professionalism with the utter pain that changing my cel number would be. I suppose I could get yet another Google Voice line, but... that's its own set of hassles.

So, a poll:

[Poll #1911541]

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Eight years ago today, [ profile] brian1789's eyes met mine across a party snack table... and eight years later, it still thrills me to gaze deeply into them :) Happy Sparkaversary, my love!
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