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2017-01-14 09:21 am

Poly genderqueer/transgender study participants sought

Study participants sought - people who are both polyamorous and transgender/genderqueer, 18+, because "the stories of gender diverse individuals in the polyamorous community have yet to be told." Participation in the study includes two audio-recorded interviews lasting no longer than 90 minutes in length for the first interview plus a brief 30-minute follow-up interview. $10 gift card offered in appreciation. Contact Julie Walsh, MSW, LSW at
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2016-12-14 08:10 am

Couples where one partner is transgender and the other is cisgender sought for study; details below.

Couples in which one partner is transgender and the other is cisgender, who sustained their romantic relationship through the transgender partner's transition, are being sought for a study by - please contact him for details, and please help spread word of the study.

More details: Study participants need to have been in a relationship for at least six months before the transgender partner came out, and the transgender partner needs to be currently out to most people as their affirmed gender, and the participants must have been in the relationship for at least two years in total. Thanks!
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2016-06-24 04:14 pm

Polyfidelity research study seeking participants

Polyfidelity study seeking participants - contact Jeff Peterson at or 816-866-5524 if interested. Please pass word along!
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2015-10-12 01:34 pm

Boston folks - need therapist referral - poly-friendly, trans-friendly, and hopefully Anthem PPO

Title says it all - got any therapists to recommend who meet those criteria! Thanks!
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2015-10-04 10:30 am

Israel travel question

Israel travelers - what were your preferred ways to travel to tourist sites that were outside of major cities, such as Galilee area or Dead Sea? Did you prefer rental car, bus, train, guided group day tour, private driver? Thanks!
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2015-08-12 08:44 pm

What do folks think?

If someone is on the BRAT diet ( ), would Matzo Ball Soup (vegetarian) be ok to eat?
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2015-08-11 10:15 pm

Articles I don't need to include in my lit review book chapter on counseling polyamorous clients:

Amusing things my keyword search turned up while sifting through lists of abstracts on Google Scholar tonight:

"Distribution of μ-opioid receptor mRNA and binding in monogamous prairie voles (Microtus ochrogaster) and non-monogamous meadow voles (Microtus …"

"'Open relationships, de-facto marriages, or shotgun weddings?’: the convergence and integration of libraries and computing/information technology services within Australian universities"

"Open relationships in the castles of clay: high diversity and low host specificity of Termitomyces fungi associated with fungus-growing termites in Africa"

"An open marriage––The brewing industry and international relations"
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2015-07-23 12:32 am

Health Insurance Company Runaround Help, Please...

Does anyone have experience dealing with insurance runarounds? My Australian cousin is trying to get her travel insurance to cover emergency surgery in Oregon that her hospital docs say is imminently medically necessary, and the insurance company is foot dragging.
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2015-07-22 10:57 am

(no subject)

Happy Birthday to my dear [ profile] brian1789!

I love you so much. Wishing you a beautiful day and year to come!
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2015-05-29 09:59 pm

So, pizza...

Anyone who has heard me hold forth on the topic knows that I believe New York pizza to be the One True Pizza. But it would seem that California pizza styles have managed to creep in there as an influence, despite my best efforts at remaining a purist.

This became evident as [ profile] brian1789 and I perused the menus for the most highly-rated deep dish pizza joints in Chicago tonight. "They don't have any really interesting ingredients, like roasted garlic or ricotta or artichoke hearts," I complained.

"Would you put those things on a New York pizza?" Jay asked. "Um, no..." I said. "Well those ingredients are California-style," Jay said, "You're not going to find them in an authentic Chicago pizza any more than you'd find them on an authentic New York pie."

Sigh, he's right. It would seem that living in California has managed to influence my food tastes after all.
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2015-04-19 06:15 pm

Sex Party Survey seeking research participants ages 18+ who have been to a play party in the past 12 months:
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2015-04-17 08:59 am

Happy happy birthday!

Happy birthday and a wonderful year ahead to [ profile] patgreene!

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2015-03-04 06:25 am

Happy Anniversary!

To my dear love [ profile] brian1789... Nine years together, today! :D
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2014-10-17 09:48 pm

(no subject)

...That moment where the sick 20yo plops himself down across your bed to snuggle the cat, and there's an equal pull between "Aww sweet he is seeking comfort from the cat" and the urge to blurt out "Please don't lie on my bed when you're sick..."

(For the record, I didn't say anything. But I think I'm going to wash my bedclothes now. And possibly the cat).

(Well, ok, I might just settle for wiping down the cat).
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2014-09-15 09:35 pm

Poly Friendly Professionals Directory back online but in need of volunteer PHP specialists

Hi Poly Community,

It is with delight that we announce that the Poly Friendly Professionals Directory is back online, thanks to the efforts of James Munger, Joe Decker, and Geri Weitzman. Same website as before:

However, the present fix is a temporary one - we were able to clean up the data, but we weren't able to figure out what caused the data file corruption. Hence it is vulnerable to being corrupted once again.

We need volunteers who are proficient in PHP and who can truly devote a chunk of time to assist us with rebuilding the database. (MySQL knowledge would also be helpful but we've got someone who can handle that end of things if need be.)

Please forward this announcement to poly lists and to poly-friendly PHP specialists until 10/15/14, so that it isn't running around the internet in perpetuum ;)

Any questions or offers to help can be directed to Geri Weitzman at geriweitzman at gmail dot com

James, Joe, and Geri
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2014-07-22 12:48 am

Happy Birthday!

To my love [ profile] brian1789 - wishing you a wonderful year!
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2014-07-02 01:48 pm

Happy Anniversary...

Happy Anniversary to [ profile] patgreene and [ profile] brian1789! 31 years, wow...

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2014-06-10 10:33 pm

Housemate leads anyone? My dear friend Riley is looking for a new place to call home.

My dear friend Riley is looking for a new place to live, somewhere within the region spanned by SF, the East Bay, Santa Rosa and San Mateo. Below is his request - please drop me a line if you have a lead - thanks!

Hello! I'm Riley M. and I'm looking for housing. Would your situation and mine be a good match? I am male, white, age 47; nonsmoker, seeking same. I drink the occasional beer or glass of wine, but rarely two, and could live in "no alcohol crosses our doors" household. Similarly, I currently share a meat-free kitchen with vegetarians, and am an omnivore when elsewhere.

I'm looking for my own room and a shared kitchen. Shared living room, co-housing or co-op preferred. Occasional shared meals or taking turns cooking dinner preferred. I'm happy to do my share or a bit more of washing dishes and sweeping kitchen floor.

I like cats, I like non-yappy dogs, and I get along fine with children, having worked with preschools, high school youth programs, and ages in between. (No ferrets, please.) I'd prefer living with fellow intellectuals, in the "are you reading something interesting this week" sense. If you love wordplay and multi-lingual puns and chess and Scrabble and the weekly NPR puzzle, that's ideal.

I am, in effect, retired, living on a fixed income, doing some volunteer work, with occasional paid work in the last several years. I've paid rent on time steadily for the last eight years with my current housemates, and same everywhere before that. I'm happy to provide documentation.

As for politics, I figure that we're all people and the traditional "pink and blue" roles can be useful but don't fit everyone. I'm mostly straight, mostly white, cis-male, and interested in fairness for people like me and unlike me.

I am not currently a car driver and I rely on bicycle and public transit, so if you live at the top of a steep hill, alas, that's a deal-breaker. I you have a bike, then my portable fold-up bike (and other bike tools) become part of the household resources.
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2014-05-29 09:16 am

(no subject)

More study participants sought: Trans* and Gender-Nonconforming adults, for a study on mental health treatment experiences. Please signal boost! (No, the study isn't one of mine, but it's a dearly needed topic of research).