Jun. 10th, 2014

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My dear friend Riley is looking for a new place to live, somewhere within the region spanned by SF, the East Bay, Santa Rosa and San Mateo. Below is his request - please drop me a line if you have a lead - thanks!

Hello! I'm Riley M. and I'm looking for housing. Would your situation and mine be a good match? I am male, white, age 47; nonsmoker, seeking same. I drink the occasional beer or glass of wine, but rarely two, and could live in "no alcohol crosses our doors" household. Similarly, I currently share a meat-free kitchen with vegetarians, and am an omnivore when elsewhere.

I'm looking for my own room and a shared kitchen. Shared living room, co-housing or co-op preferred. Occasional shared meals or taking turns cooking dinner preferred. I'm happy to do my share or a bit more of washing dishes and sweeping kitchen floor.

I like cats, I like non-yappy dogs, and I get along fine with children, having worked with preschools, high school youth programs, and ages in between. (No ferrets, please.) I'd prefer living with fellow intellectuals, in the "are you reading something interesting this week" sense. If you love wordplay and multi-lingual puns and chess and Scrabble and the weekly NPR puzzle, that's ideal.

I am, in effect, retired, living on a fixed income, doing some volunteer work, with occasional paid work in the last several years. I've paid rent on time steadily for the last eight years with my current housemates, and same everywhere before that. I'm happy to provide documentation.

As for politics, I figure that we're all people and the traditional "pink and blue" roles can be useful but don't fit everyone. I'm mostly straight, mostly white, cis-male, and interested in fairness for people like me and unlike me.

I am not currently a car driver and I rely on bicycle and public transit, so if you live at the top of a steep hill, alas, that's a deal-breaker. I you have a bike, then my portable fold-up bike (and other bike tools) become part of the household resources.


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